We reached out to 3 of our favorite Wolverine Treadsetters and asked them how they are styling our new Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneaker! Check out how @evanholahan, @lahmansbeard and @lovesimplydave are wearing their sneakers.

Evan from @evanholahan

The majority of my time adventuring around Paris was spent in my 1000 Mile sneakers. They definitely stood out from most sneakers I had seen around the city. Since the leather comes from Horween which has a prominent history, the sneakers have a sophisticated and rugged look to them so they can be dressed up or down. I like to style them with premium Japanese selvedge denim, because to me quality leather and premium denim go hand in hand. The fashion scene in Paris doesn’t really have “borders” or “rules” so I wanted to go with a bolder look of a denim jacket and denim jeans to compliment it. Paired with my 1000 Mile sneakers, the outfit went perfectly with the aesthetic of the city.

 evan sneaker 1 evan sneaker 2 evan sneaker 3 evan sneaker 4

Jeremy from @lahmansbeard

I love the versatility and comfort that the 1000 Mile sneaker gives me. I wear boots a ton, but sometimes you need to switch it up and go for a more casual or sporty look. The white Vibram sole is more flexible and lighter while still retaining the 1000 Mile silhouette. I styled these with some of my favorite denim from Shockoe Atelier and a blue J. Crew oxford shirt for a little bit of a preppy look. I went with a monochrome look, but the navy sneaker would work really well with a canvas chino for a bit of contrast. The 1000 Mile sneaker embodies the craftsmanship that comes with the pedigree of 100 years of boot-making, but adds a bit of youthful joie de vie. The 1000 Mile boot is always ready for work but the 1000 Mile sneaker is made for play.

Dave from @lovesimplydave 

I honestly feel the black and white Wolverine 1000 Mile sneakers are versatile and bold. I styled them in this manner because of how they coordinate with the stripes and graphic tee. I always like to express something about myself when it comes to fashion and I felt the sneakers match perfectly with the Hendrix shirt making them both stand out. The denim with the sneakers gives off a calm, urban street style.

dave sneaker 1 dave sneaker 2 dave sneaker 3 dave sneaker 4

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