This week on the Wolverine blog we take a dive into the ultimate dilemma: pack a lunch or eat out!

Most people agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; however, while on the job the most important meal of the day is indisputably lunch. Job sites can be loud, exhausting and chaotic. Men and women maneuvering the ever-changing landscape of their work days seek solace in the thirty minutes to an hour they receive to enjoy lunch. Because these sweet minutes pass quickly, creative lunches have fallen to the wayside. Fast food and rapid delivery services have become a crutch for the workforce out of convenience and frankly, taste! Who doesn’t like a greasy burger and crispy fries? With that being said, burger and fries may not sustain you during the long hours that follow lunch. There are a variety of solutions for those looking to escape the pull of convenience and/or bland lunches. The first is to plan ahead.

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You may or may not have heard of meal prep. If you have, you’re envisioning a refrigerator full of plastic Tupperware. While this may not work for everyone, it does have its perks! To avoid a fridge full of cookie-cutter meals we suggest writing out your meals for the week and cooking ahead on the weekend. For example, on Sunday evening cook chicken breast, toss a large salad, cut fresh fruits and veggies, and make one or two sweet treats. Each morning you can go to your fridge and easily pull together what you’d like to eat that day.  Planning one or two larger sized dinners during the work week can also make lunch easier to determine. If you are like the Wolverine team, as soon as the work day ends you’re ready for dinner. You can incorporate this into your meal planning for the week as well.

Although Tupperware may sound a bit too Betty Crocker for you, we highly suggest investing in several fantastic containers. It’s more durable than your paper bag **we promise.** As a companion to your favorite meals should be your favorite (work appropriate) beverages. These also need the appropriate containers and in our experience, nothing beats a travel mug that can keep your hot beverages hot and your cool drinks cool. We prefer Yeti’s here at Wolverine, but there are tons of great brands out there!


Some of our favorite drinks and containers!

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