Introducing the 1000 Mile Waxy Brown Rough Out Boot
Guest blog post written by Jeremy Lahman

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I’m a heritage boot guy. Have been since I was a kid. One might say that I have a bit of a boot obsession, but what I’m really obsessed with is quality. I’m on my fourth pair of 1000 Mile Boots, even though one pair would just about last a lifetime. That’s why I am stoked to announce the release of the  1000 Mile Waxy Brown Rough Out Boot.

What I’ve always loved about the 1000 Mile boot is that it’s the dressiest in its class, looking just as good with a pair of denim as it does with a wool suit. Whether it’s the Original 1000 Mile or the wing-tipped Addison Keystone Edition, these boots stand out in a crowd and command attention.

The new Waxy Brown Rough Out Boot turns that entire notion on it’s head, looking tougher and more rugged than ever. While this boot still utilizes the same timeless pattern from the first Wolverine 1000 Mile shoe introduced in 1914 it adds a twist with the rough side out suede from the Charles F. Stead tannery in England that gives it a certain grit.

Charles F. Stead has been the first name in suede since the 1890’s when he opened his shop in Leeds. The Waxy Mohawk leathers are tanned to be used flesh side out to enhance the look of the suede texture and give it a natural break when flexed. It has a rugged, broken in character and is saturated with a blend of waxes that give the leather greater and longer-lasting integrity. Suede has natural imperfect textures and colors that only get better with age and wear.

This leather isn’t perfect, it’s unique.

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It’s all in the details. I love the antique copper eyelets, waxed laces, and pure softness of the suede. They were super soft right out of the box and didn’t really have to be broken in like most new boots. The character of the leather on each boot is so unique that it almost tells a story about the hide it came from.

Like all 1000 Mile Boots, these are made in Wolverine’s factory in Big Rapids, Michigan with time-tested Goodyear Welt construction; the type of build that allows them to be resoled when you’ve already gone thousand miles in them and want to go a thousand more.

One final note about style. These don’t pair well with a suit and fineries. Try raw denim, a pocket tee, a rare steak and a rusty nail. Now kick back, put your boots up on the table and enjoy.

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The Waxy Brown 1000 Mile Rough-Out Boot is available now online at and at select retailers.

Jeremy Lahman writes about men’s style and gear for Urban Beardsman Magazine and Primer Magazine. Check him out on Instagram and Twitter

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