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As Memorial Day Weekend approaches, the Wolverine team is ready for some good weather and good times! We asked team members what their favorite things to do and eat during the last weekend in May.

Michael, Product
I love to eat “Hobo Pies” and make a big breakfast shkizzles and wrap them in a burrito and give out to all of my family/friends for breakfast! Large Yetis full of ice cold cocktails are a must.  Either vodka/water and whiskey/water.  Keep it simple, but sunscreen is a must have, must must have.

Devon, Public Relations
Memorial Day weekend is spent outside as much as possible! I love hanging out with my family, getting the grill out for the first few hot dogs of the season, and relaxing with a good book. If you’re in Michigan and not drinking at least one Bell’s Oberon, you’re doing it wrong! The weekend ends up being a great time to rest and reset for as we begin the summer.

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Ashley, Sales
Memorial Day to me is the official kick off to summer. Everyone is ready to travel, get outdoors and enjoy time off with family and friends. It also means the start to summer dining and sparkling spirits. With that in mind it gives me the perfect opportunity to make my favorite summer salad. With so many fresh farm-to-table ingredients available during this time, I love making a watermelon, mint, and blueberry salad. In addition to those powerful flavors, add a few tablespoons of feta cheese to finish it off and you have one delicious and refreshing meal.

photo courtesy of toriavey.com

photo courtesy of toriavey.com

Kara, Marketing
Memorial Day weekend for me always involves a little bit of yard work. This year my plan is to dedicate one morning/afternoon of the long weekend to pulling weeds, cutting the lawn, and planting a few things in my front yard. Afterwards, I’ll reward myself with a cold IPA or cocktail (my favorite at the moment is Vodka and Grapefruit juice) after I am finished.

For the past couple years I have also taken a day trip to Traverse City spending my day hiking/biking, and if weather permits, relaxing on the beach. After a full day, my favorite spots to grab dinner or drinks in Traverse City include, The Workshop for amazing craft beer and nachos, Frenchies Famous for killer coffee and sandwiches, and Kelkenny’s located in the basement of North Peak Brewery with live music on Saturday’s and a fantastic drink selections.

Melanie, Marketing
It’s definitely not the typical Memorial Day, but every year, I go home to my grandparent’s farm and plant squash. My whole family comes, and we plant squash on a 10-acre field. Then, we have a weekend in October where we all come back together and pick them. It’s a great tradition!

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Jeremy, Graphic Design
Memorial Day has always been about getting together with friends, family or a combination of both. Some years we have spent hiking out to Nordhouse Dunes with a giant group of friends camping, drinking, and playing on the beach. Other years, we’ve gathered at a friend’s house to grill out, drinking and playing in the pool. The past couple of years have been spent with family at a cottage on a lake, eating, drinking and playing on the lake. The environment and company may change over the years but Memorial Day has always been about spending time with the ones you love, eating, drinking and having fun.

Hope you have a safe and fun holiday weekend from everyone here at Wolverine!

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