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Zach & Allie are our Treadsetters power couple! These two lead an adventurous life traveling the world together in their Wolverine Boots. Zach and Allie are based in Nashville but are always on the move visiting places abroad and nationally. Their Instagram pages will leave you with a pang to travel yourself! Learn more about Zach & Allie below! Photo Jul 16, 11 41 05 AM Image1Wolverine: Wolverine Heritage is all about craftsmanship. Tell us what craftsmanship means to you. Zach: To me, craftsmanship is what goes into sculpting a piece of art. It’s about giving the materials and details the attention they deserve. Quality over quantity, regardless of the time it will take, or the sweat it will make. Allie: Craftsmanship means more than countless hours and relentless work into perfecting a quality product. It’s about creating. Artistry meets skill meet style. W: Why does the Wolverine Heritage Collection compliment your personal style? Z: Leather boots are basically the cool cousin to canvas jackets, wool socks, and denim button-ups. They also go really well on the pegs of a motorcycle. A: My heels have no place on adventure. Wolverine pairs perfectly with my love for jeans and button-downs, while also complimenting my more casual clothing. Boots made for work and play- what more could I ask for! Image2 W: What’s your life motto? Z: Try Harder. A: Embrace the chaos. W: How would you describe your personal style? Z: I’d like to think if Indiana Jones and Steve McQueen were driving down the highway on motorcycles, and had a head on collision, the wreckage would contain a few articles of my clothing. A: My style is all over the place. I’m in the transition period of creating a wardrobe for life outside of the office or gym; focusing on simple, versatile styles. I do love the clean-cut look of quality button-downs / plain t-shirts with cardigans and jeans paired with boots. Call me a style chameleon. Image4 Image3 W: What are three things (not people) you couldn’t live without? Why are these special to you? Z: 1. My handmade bushcraft knife from my good friend Dylan of Wanta Forge. Forged out of 80CrV2 steel, with a Scandi-grind, curly maple handle, and hand-stitched leather sheath. 2. My Camera. Currently a Samsung NX1. Shoots in 4K and 1080p at 120fps. It’s cool, haha. 3. Maybe this is cliché, but my Wolverines. I wear my Evans literally everywhere. They made it with me through the forest and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, the jungles and beaches of Costa Rica, and everywhere in between. These three things are special to me because they are necessary. The knife will make me anything I need. It can help me start a fire, lends itself to a last resort of protection, and it was made by a dear friend. My camera comes with me everywhere because it is my passion to create visual stories. Capturing my adventures for photos to share and films to create is what I live for. My boots protect my feet, and take me almost anywhere I need to go. When I want to hike up a hillside, I have them to thank. A: 1: Passport: I have a constant desire to travel, I couldn’t live without my ticket to see the world! 2: Contacts: I have terrible vision. It would be a real shame to not see how awesome my Wolverine’s look (as well as all the places I intend on seeing!) 3: Journal: Storytelling is one of my passions. I want to be able to re-live adventures through the details I write in the moment- and then share them with others. Image5 W: What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies or free time activities? Z: I like to take photos and video of the adventures I take with my wife while we travel. That’s the point of my life, haha. I also enjoy riding motorcycles, writing music, and the gym. A: I work at a desk for my day job, so my free time is spent outside with my husband! I love to skydive, go hiking, climbing, camping, motorcycling, and traveling. When I’m not doing one of the activities above, you can find me blogging or in the gym.

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