Meet Taylor, a girl you can’t keep down, literally. As a flight attendant, Taylor has been all around the world and shares her stories of adventures and good coffee while rocking her Wolverine’s. Keep reading to learn more about Taylor!


Wolverine: Wolverine Heritage is all about craftsmanship. Tell us what craftsmanship means to you.
Taylor: Craftsmanship is not just a skill or talent to me. Craftsmanship is a deeply rooted passion and it’s a lifestyle. It’s designs, heart, vision, energy, and it’s a lot of love put into something you believe in and stand behind.

W: How would you describe your personal style?
T: My personal style is very tomboy, adventurous, and laid back. I believe in quality over quantity so I try to have more well made clothes rather than a lot of clothes that aren’t going to last me. Boots, a good pair of denim, and a perfect solid t-shirt is my go to.

W: Why does the Wolverine Heritage Collection compliment your personal style?
T: As a travelin’ lady who is always on the go and adventuring around, the Wolverine Heritage collection is perfect for anything I could find myself getting into. I need shoes I can rely on and that are going to last me no matter the circumstance. I’m always up on my feet and a lot of times I just have a suitcase packed not sure where I am going to end up.

“Wolverine boots are always perfect for any adventure and they are the perfect pair of boots to have in my bag. They are durable. They are absolutely SO dang handsome and go with any outfit I could have planned. And I wouldn’t ever have to worry about if I have the right shoes or not. They are the perfect boots and the best looking ones if I say so myself! Quality is most important.”


W: What are three things (not people) you couldn’t live without? Why are these special to you?
T: I couldn’t live without:
1. books: because I love stories so dang much and learning is so important.
2. my passport: because traveling is my entire heart and soul
3. coffee: because COFFEE

W: What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies or free time activities?
T: For fun I love to travel (of course), rock climb, hike, skateboard, dance to Bieber, read, be outside, write, find the best coffee shops in new cities and at home in Chicago, and hang out with friends.

W: What’s your life motto?
T: My life motto is “more knots in my hair and stories in my heart”. In everything I do, I aim to live so full and free that pointless things don’t matter. I want to be so caught up in life and love and adventures that it won’t matter what my hair looks like.

“The thing that I have come to realize that is the most important is how well I love and how well I get to know others stories and invest in people. People are the most important always.”


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