Jun is our resident motorcycle guy. As a photographer, blogger, and founding-contributor to sideroist.com, Jun is someone who is deeply involved in all things relating to the moto community. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, this Treadsetter has many wide open roads for his adventures. Continue reading to learn more about Jun!


Wolverine: Wolverine Heritage is all about craftsmanship. Tell us what craftsmanship means to you.
Jun: Craftsmanship is one’s ability to consistently create with quality, aesthetics, and durability.

W: How would you describe your personal style?
J: I believe I’m a realist when it comes to style. I don’t go out of the ways to be extravagant, yet I’m a strong believer in aesthetic style without compromising comfort and functionality. This is translated into my photography style as well. My work shows realism with equal emphasis in both the subject and the background landscape, allowing others to relate and feel the need/want to become part of it.


W: Why does the Wolverine Heritage Collection compliment your personal style?
J: I converted a 1800s barn door into a worktable, and a 1950 war ammunition wooden crate into a coffee table, and I also ride a modern classic Triumph cafe racer, a 1975 Yamaha Enduro and a 1980 Honda bike.

“I have an appreciation for things that have managed to defy time and stay relevant, both functionally and aesthetically. I believe the Wolverine Heritage Collection is one of the best examples of a product that managed to do this, which is in line with what I appreciate the most in anything I own”  -Jun Song


W: What are three things (not people) you couldn’t live without? Why are these special to you?
J: 1. My iPhone – It’s my modern Swiss army knife, and it’s the gatekeeper to my social media and my audience, as well as an archive of my photos and a camera that’s surprisingly awesome.
2. My motorcycle – because it makes me want to go from A to B. Yes, want and not need.
3. Food – I’m considering this as one of the “things” because food is my life’s pleasure, and not a necessity for me.

W: What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies or free time activities?
J: Photography, motorcycle, and my social media are all my hobbies and most of my free time is spent on it. Skiing and spending time in the outdoors is another way I enjoy my time.

W: What’s your life motto?
J: Nostalgia Memoir (i.e. do things and go to places that will evoke nostalgia and beautiful memories worth cherishing forever).


Check out more of Jun’s incredible work on his website and Instagram

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