We weren’t lying when we said that the all new Wolverine Contractor work boot had an athletic fit and feel. Our product developer, Michael Schumacher, was committed to ensuring that this boot would be the most comfortable work boot that we have. We sat down with Michael to talk about the development process and how he’s wearing this boot:

Q: Michael, can you tell us about how the all new Contractor came about?

A: We wanted to create a work boot that had an athletic fit and feel, with an interesting and stylish upper. Our product line manager, and I worked on this boot with the designer, and came up with this initial design and idea of not only an athletic fitting boot, but also including a toe box that would be our largest ever, to increase the comfort.

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Q: What kind of materials did you look for when creating the Contractor?

A: We were looking for durable leathers for the upper that could be versatile in the work place and also allow it to look great outside of work. We have some technical features incorporated as well, including the pull tabs, the hardware and the way that the tongue gusset is built. When building the outsole, we wanted to continue to incorporate the athletic feel and so we went for an outsole that uses compression molded EVA and rubber. We went through multiples rounds of prototyping for the pattern, and then decided on the final color ways: brown and an all over coyote.

Q: How did the testing for this boot work?

A: There is certain standard testing involved that we complete on all of our safety toe boots. This includes safety testing such as ASTM standards, electrical hazard, abrasion, hardness, etc. Past that, I started doing my own testing including running, hiking, lifting weights, i.e. normal activities that aren’t done in work boots. And I found the Contractor to be extremely comfortable, so much so that they were my boot of choice when I was walking around Universal Studios in Florida this December.

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Q: Why do you enjoy wearing these boots?

A: They’re just so damn comfortable. We have a team that does wear testing for all of our boots, and they all agree that this boot is extremely comfortable on your first wear. Often there is some break-in time associated with wearing, however, the way that the heel is held in, and the extreme size of the toe box make these my new go-to for my foot shape.

Q: How would you say these performed for you at our recent dodgeball game?

A: Best shoes I’ve ever worn for playing dodgeball! I felt so confident on my feet that I could worry about other things. We dominated that game and I partially credit the Wolverine Contractors!

You heard it here first – the all new Wolverine Contractor is going to be one of the best fitting and most comfortable boots this year. Check them out here!

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