A boot cracks concrete with its heel!

The Job Is
Never Done

And neither are we. Introducing the
Journeyman, designed
and tested by
the next generation of tradeworkers.

Mike Spivey, Marine Corps Veteran. Workshops for Warriors Student.

Crafted For Craftsmen

A new generation is fighting to keep the skilled trades alive.
We've built a boot to
honor their commitment.

Working side-by-side with the American College of Building Arts,
we designed the
Journeyman. It's a worker's work boot, inspired by
the ACBA's dedication to detail
and long-lasting quality.

  • “Overall an excellent pair of footwear. Standing and walking around on concrete flooring was no issue.” - Roland L. ACBA Stone Carving Student

  • “They've aged well and developed a patina combined with the soot and grease they've acquired around shop. I like the simplicity of the design too. It's not too flashy.” - Bryson K. ACBA Iron Working Student

  • “I love the classic look of the boot and they look just as good beat up as they did brand new.” - Cameron H. ACBA Stone Carving Student

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