Millions of skilled trades jobs currently sit empty, in large part because of low awareness and misconceptions about the trades. At the same time, 72% of the next-generation workforce say they don’t want a desk job. We’ve added 3 more people to our Team Wolverine to shed light on the successful careers you can have in the skilled trades.

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Production Manager | Tinton Falls, NJ

  • Mike took the skills he learned in automotive trade school and went on to follow his passion, crafting a rewarding career in brewing. From brewing beer to installing vats to managing the brewery’s entire flow — for Mike, there’s never a dull moment.


Farmer and Agronomist | Parma, ID

  • Michelle ditched her 9-to-5 behind a desk and returned to her family farm to reconnect with the physical and mental work she loves. Together with her sisters, she has taken their hops farming business to new heights.


Draught Designer and Installer | Sommerville, MA

  • The trades led Shane down many different roads. But it’s his job as draft technician installing tap systems at Modern Draught that allows him to pour his heart into every restaurant and bar, establishing him as one of the coolest draft techs around.


Learn even more about Team Wolverine
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Learn even more about Team
Wolverine and Project Bootstrap.

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