Introducing the Morley Boot from the Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection

Posted On: Sunday, July 28, 2013 , 1000 Mile

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The Morley boot embodies the traditional style of the Original 1000 Mile boot, first introduced by Wolverine in 1914, with a time-tested leather that has a fascinating story of its own.  The tan colorway of the Morely features a vintage military style waxed flesh leather made by the renowned Horween Leather Company. Made through nearly the same process as the Chromexcel leather used in the Original 1000 Mile Boot, the leather is finished on the flesh side (as opposed to the grain side) resulting in a textured finish.

First developed in the early 1900s, the flesh-out leather became a mainstay for the original desert boots used by Marines during World War II.  In the 40s, the leather became so popular that upon the miliatary’s request, Horween shared the proprietary tanning recipe and taught other tanneries how to make the leather because Horween could simply not keep up with the enormous demand.

*Click on the pictures for pricing and shipping information

The leather’s popularity was due to its unique characteristics; sand would not adhere to the boots in the African sand where troops were stationed. The boots were unlined, with the leather grain backing lying against the foot making them cooler than other boots available at the time. The leather also can be burnished up to a shine, fitting the formal military style, while maintaining uniqueness and color variation in each piece that reflects the nature of the leather making process.

Like Chromexcel, Horween flesh-out leather is hot stuffed with a special blend of waxes and greases in an age-old fashion. Because of the way this blend adheres to the fibers in the hide, the oil becomes part of the product ensuring the leather won’t dry out.  The leather ages beautifully, developing a patina and smoothness with age, creating a more burnished look with time.


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