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Wolverine Father's Day Contest

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Father's Day is quickly approaching and what dad wouldn't want a pair of Wolverine's? Whether it be our dependable work boots or our classicly refined #1000Mile boots, dad will be all smiles if you're able to snag him a pair! Check out links below to enter.


Enter to win a pair of Wolverine Boots here: http://bit.ly/Qn89gZ



Enter to win a pair of #1000Mile Boots here: http://bit.ly/1jpH9JL



Wolverine Celebrates 100th Anniversary of the 1000 Mile Boot with Centennial Edition

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Centennial Edition boot pays homage to the Original 1000 Mile Shoe first introduced in 1914

Known for making durable, high quality boots since 1883, Wolverine is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Original 1000 Mile Boot with a special Centennial Edition. Meticulously designed to replicate the craftsmanship and aesthetic of the 1000 Mile Boot first introduced in 1914, the Centennial Edition 1000 Mile Boot features Horween Leather Company’s Genuine American Bison and is made in Wolverine’s Big Rapids, Michigan, factory.

The Centennial Edition celebrates this 100th anniversary with an All-American update to the original. The Centennial Edition is made from the Original 1000 Mile pattern, featuring time-tested Goodyear Welt construction and a leather outsole with a Vibram® heel. The Horween Genuine American Bison leather upper is distinctively rugged and showcases the true uniqueness of the natural product.  The expertise of the skilled craftspeople and the leather tanned using the best possible materials yield a product that improves with age and wear. The boot is available in two distinct colors, Tan and Brown, and is fully lined.

“The Wolverine 1000 Mile boot is an iconic part of Wolverine’s 130 year history,” said Todd Yates, President – Wolverine Brand. “With the Centennial boot we recognize this 100 year milestone with a unique update that holds true to Wolverine’s proven style and rich tradition of classic, timeless footwear.”

The first of its kind, the Original 1000 Mile Boot was crafted in 1914 using shell horsehide to create the most comfortable work boot on the market at the time. Wolverine employed its own secret tanning method to deliver a boot that was “soft as buckskin,” but “wears like iron.” In fact, it was so durable and comfortable it was said to give you 1000 miles of wear.  Wolverine was one of the first brands to nationally advertise in the U.S., and the 1000 Mile Boots became a signature product for Wolverine and men of the 20th century. The iconic product was brought back to life in 2009 with the launch of the Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection, which again introduced the quality, craftsmanship and classic style of the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot to the world.

The Wolverine 1000 Mile Centennial Edition Boot will be available starting in Fall 2014 at Blooomingdale’s,  Unionmade, Orvis, The Tannery, The Wolverine Company Store, and other fine retailers nationwide



Actress Shailene Woodley Wearing 1000 Mile Boot's in April's Teen Vogue

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Actress Shailene Woodley, star of the recently released Divergent movie, was photographed wearing Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots in this Apirl's issue of Teen Vogue.

You can check out all of the photos here & some behind the scenes video of the photo shoot here!




Introducing the Morley Boot from the Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection

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The Morley boot embodies the traditional style of the Original 1000 Mile boot, first introduced by Wolverine in 1914, with a time-tested leather that has a fascinating story of its own.  The tan colorway of the Morely features a vintage military style waxed flesh leather made by the renowned Horween Leather Company. Made through nearly the same process as the Chromexcel leather used in the Original 1000 Mile Boot, the leather is finished on the flesh side (as opposed to the grain side) resulting in a textured finish.

First developed in the early 1900s, the flesh-out leather became a mainstay for the original desert boots used by Marines during World War II.  In the 40s, the leather became so popular that upon the miliatary’s request, Horween shared the proprietary tanning recipe and taught other tanneries how to make the leather because Horween could simply not keep up with the enormous demand.

*Click on the pictures for pricing and shipping information

The leather’s popularity was due to its unique characteristics; sand would not adhere to the boots in the African sand where troops were stationed. The boots were unlined, with the leather grain backing lying against the foot making them cooler than other boots available at the time. The leather also can be burnished up to a shine, fitting the formal military style, while maintaining uniqueness and color variation in each piece that reflects the nature of the leather making process.

Like Chromexcel, Horween flesh-out leather is hot stuffed with a special blend of waxes and greases in an age-old fashion. Because of the way this blend adheres to the fibers in the hide, the oil becomes part of the product ensuring the leather won’t dry out.  The leather ages beautifully, developing a patina and smoothness with age, creating a more burnished look with time.


Horween Leather Company



Wolverine: A Family Tradition

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For Jimmie Bones, keyboardist for Kid Rock and the Twisted Brown Trucker Band, Wolverine has long been part of his family history. He was kind enough to share these photos, the first of his Great Uncle Ed wearing a pair Wolverine shell boots on the farm in the 1930s, and the second of young Jimmie sporting a pair of Wolverine farm boots that he grew up in. He keeps the tradition alive by rocking out in Wolverine’s while on tour with Kid Rock.  Big thank you to Jimmie for sharing all of this with us!

If you have vintage photos of your family in Wolverine, we’d like to see them! Post them to our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/wolverine


Great Uncle Ed working on the farm in the 1930s.


Jimmie, age 8.



Behind the scenes pre show prep.


Trunk Show at Stade California on April 4, 2013

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We hope those of you in Costa Mesa can join us for a trunk show at Stade tomorrow night!