Wolverine Traveler: Chapter 6

Posted On: Thursday, August 08, 2013 , Wolverine Traveler

Our trip across the Upper Peninsula and Isle Royale for Wolverine: Traveler was like a journey weaving back and forth through different decades and centuries. In such an out-of-the-way place at the edge of the United States, we were treated to different moments of epic beauty, destruction, and humor—all artifacts  and reminders of the recent and more distant past. We saw hints of life out of reach of mobile phones, landscapes unknown to automobiles, and people who make a life on the outskirts of civilization. In the end, it is the landscape and the small signs of human life that make the Upper Peninsula stand out in my mind from the many different borderlands of the United States.   - Blaine Davis

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We flew home on the last day from Michigan back to NYC, Blaine carried a bag overflowing with film he’d shot over the past 10 days. Traveling with another photographer is always an interesting experience: you can stare at the same thing and each see it entirely differently. If you’re open enough to allow your styles to move with each other to blend together, it can work remarkably well. Traveling with Blaine is always a success; I learn so much from watching him photograph strangers we’d meet, working to make them feel comfortable and to not notice the camera on the tripod in front of them as he took his time to remove the pressure one feels from having a lense focused on them. These are Blaine’s photos from our adventure, another look at the life we saw across the UP. -   Mikael Kennedy

Wolverine Traveler: The Upper Peninsula

Mikael Kennedy is a New York City-based commercial and fine art photographer. He is the author of the internationally acclaimed Polaroid travel blog, Passport to Trespass, documenting his 10 years of wandering the United States with a Polaroid SX70.
Blaine Davis Raised in the contrasting cultures of South Texas and Eastern Europe, Blaine Davis quickly developed a taste for travel, photography and the outdoors at a young age. He is currently working as a photographer, teacher and sometime writer in Brooklyn, NY.

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