Wolverine Project Bootstrap - Charleston, SC

With Project Bootstrap, Wolverine celebrates the women and men who keep our country running through their expert skills and strong work effort. This year, we have focused our Project Bootstrap efforts toward trade schools and apprenticeship programs, recognizing and celebrating the people who are committing to learning a skilled trade. Our country is facing a shortage of skilled labor and we hope to raise awareness of the skills gap while thanking future tradespeople, like the students at the American College of Building Arts.

Wolverine Project Bootstrap - Charleston, SC

On September 27, the Wolverine Bootstrap team headed down to Charleston, South Carolina for an event at the American College of Building Arts [ACBA]. This is our third year doing Project Bootstrap and our second event this year. Read about our first event in New Orleans, LA here! The American College of Building Arts is a four year liberal arts college that offers specializations in the building trades. The team distributed around 100 work boots to the students and faculty of the college.

The students at ACBA represent the best and brightest of the future work force. Before they start their careers in masonry, carpentry, or one of many other skilled trades, we want to equip them with appropriate work boots for their job. Last week, we distributed the Legend and Blade for men’s and the Edge and Floorhand for women’s!

Wolverine Project Bootstrap - Charleston, SC

American College of the Building Arts was established in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo. It took many years for the city of Charleston to recover and repair from the hurricane, in part because of the intensity of the damage and partially because of the shortage of skilled artisans. It was this shortage of workers that inspired the idea for the ACBA. Currently, the ACBA has 64 students and offers specializations in: architectural carpentry, architectural stone, classic architecture, forged architectural ironwork, general education, masonry, and timber framing.

Check out more photos of the event below and learn more about the ACBA here!



IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR WOLVERINE - Students wear their new Wolverine boots to kick off Project Bootstrap at the American College of the Building Arts on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017 in Charleston, S.C. (Mic Smith/AP Images for Wolverine)

  1. Posted By D'Ann Wiziarde

    Project Bootstrap sounds like a wonderful program! Kudos to Wolverine for your efforts in this area. My son is a student at the Coffeyville Community College Technical Campus in Coffeyville, Kansas. He is in the electrical technology program studying to be an electrician. I think that he and his fellow students would love a chance for a visit from the Wolverine Project Bootstrap team and some nice new boots for their work!

  2. Posted By Richard Ratliff

    This is an awesome program thank you so much for helping to spread awareness about the joy and fulfillment one gets from working in a trade. I am currently attending the motorcycle mechanics institute in Phoenix AZ and something like this would be incredible for the students here. In the fact that we are mostly very poor and working what lil we can with the riggerous school training schedule. Alot of folks like my self have been going through classes in the same torn up shoes and boots we’ve been in since classes started and this program would be incredible for myself and countless other students. Any way thank you for helping and showing young people that you don’t have to go to a “University” and get an overpriced degree in underwater x

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