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Ryan is a winemaker residing in sunny Oceanside, California. He is hardworking and dedicated to everything he does. Whether he is maneuvering barrels and forklifts at work or giving tours of his winery to wine lovers, Ryan relies on his Wolverine’s to meet the demands of any situation. Learn more about Ryan below!


Wolverine: Wolverine Heritage is all about craftsmanship. Tell us what craftsmanship means to you.
Ryan: I have the utmost respect for anyone who masters a skill, any skill; and I strive every day to be better at the things I have chosen to pursue in life as winemaking is as much a craft as it is an art. I seek to surround myself with people and things that have surpassed that limit. Wolverine boots are such a thing.

W: How would you describe your personal style?
R: While I’m making wine I climb barrels, scrub tanks with caustics and acids, unload trucks, maneuver barrels in our cellar with a forklift and pallet jack and give impromptu tours for wine lovers. I need to wear clothes and footwear that can withstand the wear and tear of my job as well as look good when I need to step into the tasting room to answer technical questions.


W: Why does the Wolverine Heritage Collection compliment your personal style?
R: Wolverine Boots stand up to all of the demands of making wine, while also allowing me to feel proud of how I look when I interact with our wine drinkers. I find that a nice pair of boots goes a long way to dress up an outfit, jeans and a t-shirt or slacks and a dress shirt.


W: What are three things (not people) you couldn’t live without? Why are these special to you?
R: I hate to say it, but I couldn’t live without my phone I rely on it so much for work, as well as taking photos and networking via Instagram and LinkedIn. I couldn’t live without my speargun, when I walk into the ocean and start focusing on freediving and searfishing everything else is left on shore and I’m at peace for a couple hours. I also couldn’t live without my vintage wine press, I use it for experimental batches of wine and cider at my home.


W: What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies or free time activities?
R: I throw myself into everything I do 110%, so I try to limit the amount of hobbies I have at once. I freedive/spearfish every chance I get. When I have time to get away I like taking dive trips up the coast, on the way I make lots of stops to hike and geocache. I also enjoy working on my freshwater aquariums when I’m home.

W: What’s your life motto?
R: Laugh at your troubles and then surpass your limits and grow.


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