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Waterproof full-grain leather. Wave mesh lining. Wolverine MultiShox® removable full-cushion insole. Lightweight PU midsole. Wolverine MultiShox® slip resistant rubber lug outsole. Wolverine Contour Welt® construction.

Wolverine MultiShox

Wolverine MultiShox®

All-Day Comfort Guaranteed.

Wolverine Contour Welt®

Wolverine Contour Welt®

Comfort and toughness are now one and the same.

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91% said Sized as Expected
0% said Larger than Expected
9% said Smaller than Expected
BEST BOOTS I EVER OWNED!!!!!!! By ZIGGY66 11/12/2013
My wife purchased 3 pairs of these for Christmas gifts in 2012 ( 1 of them for me). The first week of Nov 2013 the lining came loose on the left boot. I called Wolverine and explained my problem, they QUICKLY and WITHOUT any problem Emailed me a return invoice to replace them. Not having a box to put boots in, I stopped by the place of original purchase (Shoe Carnival) to inquire of a box to do so. Was I SURPRISED when Shoe Carnival went ahead and exchanged out the boots for me to save me time and trouble!!!! These boots are the GREATEST boots I have EVER owned, Wolverine will ALWAYS be my boots of choice from now on, AND Shoe Carnival WILL be the ONLY place I purchase ANY footwear, from now on!!!!!THANK YOU WOLVERINE and SHOE CARNIVAL!!!!! I will ALWAYS recommend your products to ALL I know!!!!!
Wolverine's Reply: Wow! That is fantastic your original retailer (Shoe Carnival) was able to assist. We do recommend contacting your original retailer first, since they may be able to assist quicker. If they are unable to assist, we definitely want you to call and let us know about any issues you have with your boots!
Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Wear as everyday
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Great Boot!!!! By LaredoBob 12/17/2012
I always thought a boot was a boot, but WOW! This is a GREAT boot! I'm on my feet all day and walk a couple of miles every day in these and I love them. Most comfortable boot or shoe I've ever owned - really. I just wish they made these in western boots without steel toes and regular dress shoes.
Wolverine's Reply: We are so glad you have found such a comfortable boot that is a step above the rest. Thanks for the great feedback and review!
Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Work
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I love these more than my first I Pod. By Jayho74 4/26/2012
I've always been the cheapskate kinda guy. I would need steeltoe boots, and people would say, buy a good pair of boots, they will be expensive but they will last..... These wolverines are the first good pair of non Walmart boots i have ever bought... and man, WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG... You know that feelin after a hard day of doin hard stuff, you get home and take your "boots" off and OW.. your feet are sore... the calouses hurt, u just want someone to rub your feet. Well the first day i wore these boots i noticed my feet did no hurt, i came home and took the boots off. and stood up on the hard floor... My feet still did not hurt at all in any way whatsoever. It felt like my feet just got out of bed after working a 12 building the huey long widening deal in New Orleans. What's more, i missed the soft feel of the mesh on my upper ankle, i missed the perfect pressurization on the whole of my foot. I am more comfortable in these than while i'm barefoot. I love these boots more than my first I Pod.. more than my first 22. It's hard to imagine that boots can increase your job performance... but when i had cheap boots back in the day.. my feet and the discomfort i was in, was always something that was on my mind that i had to consciously block out, or push to the back of... Now I don't have to do that... i have simply to think of the task set before me, and how to complete it safely and correctly, I'ts one less thing to worry about.... Such a drastic improvement in so many areas, from something as mundane and often overlooked as workboots... My one gripe so far, is on the left boot, on the inside, on top of the soft blue foot support stuff, that thin layer of textured black stuff is starting to peel off from the rear, working it's way frontward... It feels as if someone took a pee on the mona lisa.. man really.. like wtf... you make a pair of boots like this and don't put enough glue or adhessive on the bottom of the.. i don't know what it's called... the top of the insole? Seriously, this is dissapointing.... u make a masterpiece, the Apple I pod of boots... and then you do not correctly glue the top of the thing on.???? You still get 5 stars though.
Wolverine's Reply: Thanks for this great review! It is wonderful to know that these help you so much in your day to day work schedule. Thanks for all of your helpful comments.
Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: They are always on me, accept when i'm showering. Making love isn't the same without them on. The traction and flexibility is not just for the work room... that's all i'm gonna say.
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