Wolverine Brand announces its support of The Wolverine Foundation

Posted On: Monday, March 18, 2013 , News

Wolverine Brand, the makers of authentic outdoor and work boots, shoes and apparel since 1883, is supporting The Wolverine Foundation, a non-profit organization comprised of wildlife scientists with a common interest in the wolverine. The brand’s funding is vital to The Wolverine Foundation and supports continued research projects and awareness programs.

“The primary goal of The Wolverine Foundation is to elevate the wolverine’s management status through public information, and we recognize the need for coordinated, science-based efforts including the support and initiation of research,” said Jeff Copeland, who co-founded The Wolverine Foundation in 1996. “Wolverine Brand’s donation is instrumental in working toward this goal and helps us provide grants to many meaningful wolverine research projects around the country.”

Mr. Copeland’s background includes more than 20 years of wolverine research. Along with The Wolverine Foundation, he is a collaborator on the Central Idaho Wolverine and Winter Recreation Research Study that aims to better understand the interactions between wolverines and humans. With the help and support of recreationists throughout the state of Idaho, a team of researchers and a number of wolverines fitted with GPS collars, the project aims to track and evaluate the relationship between wolverine and human activity.

“We are honored to be associated with The Wolverine Foundation, which leads the charge on many valuable research projects and awareness programs,” said Kelly Redinger, Marketing Director for Wolverine. “The Wolverine Foundation is a natural fit for the brand as we strive to embody the tenacious, relentless spirit of the wolverine to create boots that perform in the harshest conditions.”

Earlier this year the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed to list wolverines as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. For more information about the Wolverine Foundation or to make a contribution, please visit www.wolverinefoundation.org.

Since 1883 Wolverine has taken pride in crafting durable boots with unrivaled craftsmanship and the highest-quality materials.  With a pioneering nature and dedication to innovation, Wolverine provides dependable comfort and style to hardworking men and women all over the world. For those who believe in hard work and uncompromising commitment, Wolverine offers the boots, shoes, apparel and accessories to get the job done. For more information visit www.wolverine.com or call 866-699-7369. Wolverine is a division of Wolverine Worldwide. 

The Wolverine Foundation
The Wolverine Foundation, Inc. (TWF) was formed in 1996 to promote interest in the wolverine’s status and ecological role in the world wildlife community. It is an international non-profit foundation comprised of leading wildlife scientists knowledgeable in the life history, ecology, and management of one of the least understood and most fascinating creatures on earth. TWF recognizes the need for a coordinated science-based effort to elevate the wolverine’s management status through support and initiation of research, and to develop an information network for professional and public education. www.wolverinefoundation.org


Myrtle LA Trunk Show

Posted On: Sunday, March 17, 2013 , News

Spring is officially only hours away, and we were excited to kick off the season in sunny Los Angeles at Myrtle last week.  Thanks to Myrtle for hosting a lovely event for the Wolverine and Samantha Pleet Spring ’13 collections and a big thanks to everyone who stopped in to see us!

Photos courtesy of Myrtle. See more at facebook.com/wolverine1k.







The Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection: A tale of serendipitous discovery

Posted On: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 , News

Uncovering past treasures and bringing them back to life is at the core of the Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection.  This video produced by our friends at Moose Herd Creative, captures the behind-the scenes product development story that often goes unrevealed. Watch as Senior Product Designer Carrie Hill gathers inspiration from the Rockford Historical Museum, selects a women’s vintage shoe pattern, and makes it new again through careful attention to detail and thoughtful design.