Wolverine Corsair Boots—Tested and Recommended by the Handyman Club of America

Posted On: Friday, April 06, 2012 , News

For the April/May issue of HANDY Magazine, the Handyman Club of America put our very own Corsair work boots to the test. With our innovative Wolverine MultiShox® and Wolverine Contour Welt™ comfort technologies, plus ArmorTek™ guard on the toe area to protect against abrasion, these boots are the perfect combination of tough and comfortable. But don’t just take our word for it.

HANDY Magazine selected 31 wear-testers to try the Corsair in environments from farming and yard work to construction and welding. The Corsair received an impressive 96% approval rating. Here’s what some of the testers had to say:

“The main reason I recommend the Wolverine Corsair boot is because I wore the boots right out of the box for a day and it felt like the boot was custom made just for my feet.” – Robert S.

“Spent a lot of time crawling on knees which can take the toes out of shoes in a day or two. These shoes did not show any wear at all.” – James W.

“For all day wear, they surely provide all day comfort. I appreciate their quality construction. The attention to detail in production is easily apparent.” – David B.

“Based on 45 years of wearing safety boots, these are the BEST EVER!” – Stu B.

Check out the Corsair Boot, available in waterproof 6”, 8” or Wellington styles, with soft toe or composite safety toe to fit the demands of any job.



The Wolverine Corsair in Popular Mechanics

Posted On: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 , News

Check out the Wolverine Corsair boot in the February edition of Popular Mechanics Magazine! (Boot #6, for the Mason.)



View the Corsair on Wolverine.com for more information and learn more about Wolverine Contour Welt Technology!



Contour Welt: Ultimate Durability meets Ultimate Comfort

Posted On: Thursday, August 25, 2011 , News

We’re gearing up for fall with a new Contour Welt style, the Corsair. The boot features Wolverine Contour Welt technology, which is designed to be as durable and tough as a traditional work boot with the comfort of an athletic shoe.  The Corsair also features Wolverine ArmorTek™, a unique abrasion-resistant material that maintains the strength and flexibility of traditional leather but is significantly more durable and won’t crack or split. Covering the toe and wrapping around the sides of the boot, ArmorTek reduces wear and tear on these high wear areas and extends the life of the boot. Be sure to check out all our Contour Welt styles, and watch the video below to learn about Contour Welt technology from TV Host and licensed contractor Jason Cameron.>