Wolverine Traveler: Deep Below Heaven - Chapter 2

Posted On: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 , Wolverine Traveler

Not everything goes as planned, it’s part of being on the road. After a series of blissful shows and reconnecting with old friends in L.A. and Oakland we packed up the car for our journey back. It was 8:00 a.m. on a Tuesday morning as we walked down a busy street in Oakland to get coffee before we left. On our way back, as we approached the car our reflection on the back passenger-side window wasn’t appearing. As we neared we saw the edges of broken glass and half our luggage missing.

We spend the morning filing police reports and trying to figure out what we’d lost and wondering if we could keep going. The guitar was too big to pull through the window and we had one camera in hand at the time of the break-in. After the initial shock wore off we felt surprisingly calm as we re-grouped in a coffee shop in a less busy area of Oakland. We still had everything we needed to do the remaining shows, and we weren’t going to let this stop us.

We had shot out of Oakland on I-5 and had to make up for lost time that day. We pulled over as soon as we hit Lake Shasta to watch the sunset on the water. And just like that, it was like the drama in Oakland never happened. We turned west one last time taking side roads back to the coast; we were back in it.


From Portland to Seattle, and then straight back east the tour was coming to an end but there were still a few key spots we had to stop at on our way home. We stopped in Missoula, Montana at the request of our longtime friend, Ben, for a show and a cook-out at the Moon-Homestead and then it was time to cross the plains again. Our 12 year-old Rand McNally atlas said there was only one paved road out of Ekalaka, and with us still trying to avoid interstates at all costs we inquired about a way east at the Carter County museum where we had stopped to look around. A bearded man in blue flannel and overalls told us to take 323 towards the Badlands. The museum keeper chimed in that it was paved seven years ago even though it doesn’t always say so on most maps. Montana stretched on for miles and miles. Soft rolling hills feathered with green and yellow clovers. We didn’t see cars for hours as we rolled across.




The Badlands are one of the most magical places in the States. We had arrived at sunset as we managed to do for most of our chosen destinations and wandered out onto the edges of the unworldly valley. Prairie dogs scurried busily between their burrows as we wandered through this dream-like valley. 


We left Rock Island, IL where I recorded a session with Daytrotter and after a quick stop to peak at the mighty Mississppi we traveled the 5 hours to Kalamazoo, Michigan, my hometown. I hadn’t been back there for nearly seven years and as I walked into my grandpa’s house, it smelled exactly how I remembered it from my childhood. The Howard Miller clock above the TV sounded like the same series of bells I remember hearing from my very youth, and the walls were lined with my grandpa’s paintings. After being in unknown places for the whole month, it was reassuring to be in a place that was truly, innately home. I could feel it in my bones.


We had one last stop on our tour, and after all those days of slowly rolling across America, stopping in the small towns to wander, peering into the store windows, and living out of our suitcases in the motel rooms and living room floors, we were excited to get home. We woke up early and headed to Pittsburgh for a house show and potluck at Future Oak before heading home. We pulled into the Holland Tunnel as dark clouds were gathering above Manhattan. It seemed the storms we’d been chased by across the Midwest had followed us all the way home. We drove onto Canal Street as the rain started pouring down. Cars were honking, people were scurrying in the downpour, others pressed under awnings. I noticed a few people leisurely enjoying the summer rain. Somehow it was refreshing to be back in this big, messy, dirty city.


Missed the beginning? Don't worry, we've got you covered.
Chapter 1


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Wolverine Traveler: Deep Below Heaven - Chapter 1

Posted On: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 , Wolverine Traveler

As we departed NYC on June 1st, we asked ourselves, when does an adventure actually begin? When you walk out the door? Which door? Onto the plane? Into the car?

As we rolled quickly down to Nashville from NYC for the first show of the tour and then into Florence, AL for the second show, we quickly realized our trip would be full of arbitrary starts and stops, each moment as new as the next one. From Florence, our route was directed to the west, towards the Pacific. We had a week between shows, leaving time to kill as we crossed the states. There were many penciled in marks on our map of places we dreamed of visiting and one bright red circle: White Sands, NM.


On Tuesday we woke up in Elk City, OK – a city we both remembered from reading Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath”. As Elk City disappeared into our rear view mirror, we raced through storms into Tornado Alley, trying to reach Amarillo by the morning, as George Strait’s greatest hits played as we crossed the city line. The further west we drove, the more the terrain changed. On the doorstep of New Mexico, the trees got shorter and scrubbier, the dirt reddened and the sky seemed taller.


We drove into White Sands just before sunset; it was unlike anything we’ve ever seen. White slopes of sand extend as far as the eye can see and it was unbelievably quiet. Small black beetles scurried across the white surface and improbably little pink flowers bloomed on desert plants. Our red circle was truly a magical part of the country.


As we raced straight across Navajo Nation, deeper in to the west, we caught the sunset beyond Shiprock from a dirt road that was littered with broken bottles. The red rock formation truly looks like a ship in the distance, full sails against the flat expanse around it. As the sun went down, we pulled into a gas station to ask directions to the nearest motel. As a black dog wandered the parking lot, peering into the parked cars, we were informed that the nearest lodging was 30 miles behind us. We gave the dog the last of our sandwich meat from the cooler before we began our retrace down 64 and settled into our motel for the evening.

We’ve never traveled America like this before; being lead by one road leading to the next, all the interconnected highways and byways crisscrossing the land. The landscapes slowly changed before our eyes, taking it’s time, then exploding with beauty. We took US 89 right up to Jacob’s Lake in Arizona, near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We checked into our cabin and took inter-state 67 south for a Grand Canyon sunset. Travelers like ourselves sat lawn chairs on a stone ledge and watched the sun as it lowered slowly over the canyon. We took a trail to the left where kids were running around, making their parents nervous climbing on the edges of the cliffs. We found a quiet rock and stared out into the worldly abyss. It was our frist time ever seeing it, and it was so much more than we’d ever imagined.


We traveled north into Utah. Our updated paper map had certain roads that ceased to exist or changed names. We took a wrong turn and saw a sign for Corral Pink Sand Dunes. We followed that road for quite a few miles and started to wonder if it was in fact an outdated sign, or we had made yet another wrong turn. Then, around a bend, we were indeed surrounded by towering sand dunes dusted in a rust color. A park sign explained that the sand came from red Navajo sandstone, funneled over time through a notch in the moquith and Moccasin Mountains. We took our shoes off and climbed in.


After 7 days of wandering in the Southwest we had to finally start making our way towards L.A. and the string of shows that would take us up the coast. We crossed the Mojave Desert in 106 Degree heat, under an unrelenting mid-day sun. We turned off the AC so the car wouldn’t overheat and hot wind poured in through the windows. As the hot wind hit our faces, I tmade us think about how things used to be done, how people must have crossed the desert generations before us, on foot, or on horseback, by sheer will-power. After miles of nothing and brutal heat, we stopped at a 7-11 in Twentynine Palms, CA and enjoyed Klondike bars in the shade.

We arrived at the Joshua Tree Inn, a welcomed oasis after the long days’ drive. A perfect paole gold moon was rising over the hills in a pink sky. We walked up into the desert as the evening cooled, past little houses set back from the road as we experienced a moment of calm before the next week of shows.

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Esquire Features Kindred Spirits on Style Blog

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Watch Dana and Ryan's videos on YouTube!


Introducing the Horace Wing Tip Brogue from the Wolverine No. 1883 Collection

Posted On: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 , News

Wolverine is pleased to introduce the Horace Brogue as the newest addition to the Wolverine No. 1883 Collection.

At the elusive intersection between tradition and trend, Wolverine’s No. 1883 Collection has both heritage details and a modern twist. Subtle and unexpected, the Horace brings together traditional brougue styling along with a bright eye-catching outsole. Get your pair at one of the fine retailers below, and view the rest of collection at wolverine.com/US/en/1883Collection.



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HYPEBEAST: The No. 1883 Collection Darin Shoe

Posted On: Thursday, June 28, 2012 , News

We're big fans of HYPEBEAST.  Thanks to our friends over there for showing the Darin oxford some love. Get yours here.



As seen in Outside Magazine: The Darin Red Sole & Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot

Posted On: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 , 1000 Mile

We were excited to see the Darin red sole oxford and the Original 1000 Mile Boot in the June issue of Outside Magazine!