A Firefighter and his Wolverine Boots

Posted On: Sunday, January 05, 2014 , News

Just recently we received a letter from Nick Poliseno about a story that involves a fire truck, foot and Wolverine Boots. Read on to see how the story unfolds....


On December 15, 2013 following a snow storm I was with my volunteer Fire Dept. going around town with Santa Claus passing out candy canes to kids. Due to the snowy weather, I was wearing my Wolverine snow boots. Towards the end of the day while the fire truck was moving I attempted to run and jump onto the side of the truck. I missed the step and fell to the ground and my left foot was run over from the front tire of the fire truck.

I was rushed to Emergency Room, to all of the doctors and nurses amazement I only had one small broken bone on the top of my foot which only required a walking boot and crutches. The doctors looked over the results of my x-rays and CT scan with amazement as to how I was so fortunate to not have major damage. The weight of the truck was 80,000lbs and my foot was flat on the ground when it went over me. All of the doctors said my foot should have been smashed and major damage and reconstruction surgery should have been needed to put my foot back together.

I don't know why or how I was so forutnate that day, but I have to believe one of the major reasons was the Wolverine snow boot I was wearing. I am writing this letter to show my appreication and gratitude to the company and excellent product they produce. If I was wearing a sneaker or a lesser quality boot I truly believe the outcome would have been as grave as the doctors expected.

Again I just want to offer a heartfelt thank you and show my grattitude to the whole team at Wolverine Boots.

Thank you,
Nick Poliseno

Thank you for sending us this story, Nick and we are very glad to hear of the good ending.